Hey guys! For the first time in a long, long time I am opening up commissions for an indefinite time! My financial situation is looking pretty dire, and I really need be bringing more money in to pay for my rent and student loans. These prices are way more than half my going freelance rate!


  • Paypal only, please!
  • 25 commission slots at this time.
  • I reserve the right to refuse any commission.
  • All illustrations will be completed digitally and will be delivered as 300 DPI PNGs.
  • Please contact me at j.n.wiedle@gmail.com. Tumblr asks will be ignored!

Please consider commissioning me, or reblogging to your friends and followers to spread the word!

Thanks so much! ♥



tbh these are actually well balanced palettes 



A popular Christian band called nuns n roses

I think you mean nuns n moses 


when i was a child i thought ‘male enhancement’ pills just made you a better guy. they made you pleasant to be around. the man on the commercial had a big smile on his face and they made a point of how happy his wife was and everyone loved him. this is honestly what i thought

can atheists explain THIS???????

can atheists explain THIS???????


A photo set of Ryan Stiles flipping the bird


back at it again at the krusty krab


back at it again at the krusty krab

shit man gimme ur eyebrows they look so //good///

shit man  there yohU GO